Back Home and Back to Work – 18 Sep 2011

Note: I am actually writing this on Tue, Sep 27 as I have been busy catching up on things at home and trying to keep up on events in Tennessee, but I am dating each post as usual as of the date it occurred.

My trip home was uneventful. I was able to catch up on some writing on the plane and get a good night’s sleep for going back to work on Monday.

Patti is still in Tennessee awaiting the delivery of our grandson. Our daughter-in-law is having some labor and contractions today. If she does not deliver tonight, they will induce labor tomorrow.

Another item of good news is Patti’s dad went home on Friday (the 16th) and is doing well there.


Dinner, Dessert, and Discussion – 17 Sep 2011

My final night in Ireland was shared with good friends and CBSI study leaders on the southside of Dublin. The dinner was hosted by Ciaran and Els, leaders of the longest-lasting and healthiest studies in Ireland and we were joined by the leaders of the other studies that have grown out of Els’ original group. We had extensive discussions about two international conferences coming up in 2012 in Dublin and what to expect at those conferences.

Despite having made a mental note to be sure to take my camera to take pictures of their beautiful newly-remodeled kitchen and dining room … I forgot it. So no pictures with this post.

After that I went back to the apartment and made final preparations for an early beginning to a long day of travelling to get back home.

Back to Belfast – 16 Sep 2011

I found and appreciated that travelling between Belfast and England is quite easy since Northern Ireland is still part of the U.K. There was no passport checking, customs checks, or anything. The other lady who had arrived at Luton about the same time as I did on Tuesday complained that it took about 2 hours to get through customs from Zurich whereas I had just walked right in. It was the same going out and quite easy. Sammy picked me up at the airport and we had dinner at their home with Joan and their son shortly after we got there. We had plenty of time on the way, so Sammy showed me some of the sights, to include the port where the Titanic was built (in Belfast) and a cruise ship was currently docked.

Had more great discussions with Sammy and Joan both Friday evening and Saturday morning about some roles I had asked them to pray about and about Catholic / Protestant relations in Ireland. It was good to come together in unity.

I had talked with Sammy shortly after arriving the previous Friday about entering into a more intentional discipling relationship with me. He had agreed to that, so we discussed then and some more after my return about how and when we would do this using email, Skype, phone calls, and my blog on discipling one-to-one … I am looking forward to this developing relationship and learning more about long-distance discipling.

I got on the road to head back to Dublin about 2pm Saturday afternoon and arrived back at our apartment around 4:30pm. I had not rushed back because I did not have anything scheduled until dinner with some couples on the southside of Dublin at 6:30. I realized that I should have left earlier though as I did have a few things that needed to be done before I left to included getting some clothes washed. It all worked out, but I would have liked to not have been so rushed … but I’m also glad that I got such good time with Sammy and Joan.

Sammy, BTW, is the one for whom we were all praying earlier with a brain tumor that had returned after being surgically removed. He is doing extremely well and currently showing no signs of ill-effects of the tumor or surgery. Be looking shortly for a story that Joan wrote for the CBSI fall newsletter edition … I’ll share it here on my blog also. I was encouraged to hear that she is keeping a journal of her stories, all of which are amazing … maybe a book is in the making!

Opening the CBS-VB Class from the UK – 15 Sep 2011

I had coordinated with the teaching director of the CBS class that I attend in Virginia Beach to do a class opening for their Thursday evening class via Skype while I was in the UK. Brian and I conducted several tests between our computers and we were connecting well, so we set up the time to do it. Unfortunately, it was 12am in the UK, but I was not usually getting to bed much before then anyhow.

The opening went pretty well except Virginia Beach was having a huge downpour at the time and the din of the rain practically drowned the audio of my presentation. I could even hear it on my computer … I doubt that my voice could be heard more than two or three rows back. It was fun to do anyhow and my fellow class members got to see me ‘in the field’.

On to London – 12 Sep 2011

North of London, actually. Flew in to London – Luton which is north of London and where we were meeting was north of there, very close to Bedford where John Bunyan was in prison when he wrote Pilgrim’s Progress. Grace, our immediate supervisor in this ministry, picked up myself and one other lady at the airport for the short ride to our meeting place, which was a very old and gorgeous home on a small farm with pasture land, orchards, and barns.

One of the barns has been converted into a youth conference center complete with an indoor pool, game room, kitchenette, and bedrooms. Some of the 10 or so participants at our gathering stayed there while the rest of us, myself included, had rooms in the house (which we learned in an earlier visit comes complete with its own ghost … at least stories of one).

Tuesday evening was simply getting everyone together and then going out to dinner together. Richard and Veronica had lined up a nice restaurant for dinner each evening and breakfast and lunch at the house. Wednesday and Thursday were full days of meetings. I led a good portion of Thursdays meeting with discussions about our new role mentoring and encouraging the CBSI-Europe Calebs and then some demonstrations of some things Glenn has had me working on to provide some internet-based calendar-sharing tools as well as a new CBSI-Europe web site.

One fun part was having Patti join us for the Caleb discussion via Skype from Tennessee … unfortunately no announcement about a grandson having arrived. She has been reporting that her dad is improving and hoping to go home this weekend and that our daughter-in-law is having labor pains and some contractions, just not intense enough to deliver yet. Patti has been doing well also with only minor spells that eventually go away. Thank you for praying for all of this.

Getting to Know Fultons – 9 Sep 2011

We had a wonderful evening of food and fellowship with Sammy and Joan, but first they had to show us there  new car (new to them anyhow … recently purchased). Actually, it wasn’t the car but the license plate (registration in Ireland) that they wanted us to see …

They felt it was providential given the ‘interpretation’ and that they did not request it …

TF: The Fultons

07: The year they started their first CBSI class

CBS: Community Bible Study, of course.

They had been waiting excitedly to show us rather than tell us … unfortunately, Patti was not able to be there to share the experience with me.

Glenn really enjoyed getting to know them over a long visit. He left for England on Sunday to join his wife with some friends before going to the home of the UK CBSI National Director for a CBSI-Europe regional servants team meeting. I stayed with Sammy & Joan until Tuesday when I joined Glenn and the others for that meeting.

I got to talk over lots of things about the ministry with Sammy & Joan and was very encouraged to hear their heart to see the ministry expanding and taking the Word to many, many more people in Ireland. We pray their passion and vision will be multiplied abundantly among other leaders.

In addition, I got to meet their niece and nephew who live two houses from them after losing both their parents to cancer within the last few years. The niece is helping Sammy and Joan lead the CBSI study that meets in the coffee shop (shown below) and is showing a heart to grow into more leadership in the future. The nephew and I connected on a technical level (computer geeks),  but he is working through some issues in being more comfortable in public before fully committing to the study.

On to Northern Ireland – 9 Sep 2011

Wow, it’s been a busy week and I am more than a week behind in updating my blog. I am actually back in the U.S. now (Sun, 18 Sep) and doing some catching up while I am in the airport awaiting my last flight to Newport News.

Glenn and I left mid-morning for Northern Ireland, part of the Irish region called Ulster. On the way we stopped in Newcastle to have lunch and visit with Stuart and Elsie, friends of Glenn from his earlier days in Europe. In addition to time with them, we got to see the Christian conference center in Newcastle that Elsie runs for the YMCA/YWCA. It was a beautiful place on the water that we definitely want to remember for conferences and large meetings in the future. The name of the place is Glenada and this is a picture of the view from one of the upstairs meeting rooms.

From Newcastle, we headed to Strangford to catch the ferry to Portaferry where we would meet Sammy and follow him to their home about 20 minutes away in Greyabbey.