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June 9 & 13 – Exploring and Praying Scripture

We had about 40 people attending our presentation Monday evening at the Tallaght Methodist Church. Sam shared about Community Bible Study International and what we do along with some scriptures to motivate people to be studying the Bible. For additional motivation, we had three of our study leaders share about their experience with the CBSI studies and how it impacted their lives, shown in the pictures below. Following these presentations, we walked the participants through a short sample study so that they could experience the whole process. The response was good and the evening led to some great connections with the host pastor and the general director of Scripture Union Ireland.

Presenting CBSI at Tallaght Methodist Church

Presenting CBSI at Tallaght Methodist Church

On Friday evening, about 45 people attended our presentation at Zion Parish Hall in Rathgar. We followed a similar format as Monday night and had very positive responses. Three of those attending said that they wanted to visit some of our local groups.

June 9 – Final Preparations

We were truly blessed to have Ann and Sharon from the UK with us this week to help with the inter-denominational Bible week presentations and meetings. Ann and Sharon lead the CBSI-UK Children and Youth ministry and are helping us to establish a children and youth ministry in Ireland. We had asked them to come and be prepared to share with people coming to the Bible week presentations that were particularly interested in working with children.

Ann and Sharon found a nice spot to work on final preparations for their evening workshop on engaging children and youth in learning the Bible.

Ann and Sharon found a nice spot to work on final preparations for their evening workshop on engaging children and youth in learning the Bible.

At the presentation, there were 5 people who attended their workshop. Three of them arranged for a follow-up meeting on Thursday morning to learn more.

June 8 – Pentecost Sunday

We were at the Trinity College Chapel on Pentecost Sunday (first time ever) for the opening ceremony of the interdenominational Bible week in Dubin. It was a wonderful service and we had the surprise privilege of reading some scriptures for the service.

Stained glass windows above the altar

Stained glass windows above the altar

Sam and Patti after the ceremony

Sam and Patti after the ceremony

The organ/choir balcony

The organ/choir balcony

We will have the entire program Monday and Friday nights at other Dublin-area churches to share about our ministry with Community Bible Study International – Ireland (our facebook page) to include introducing the beginning of the CBSI Children & Youth ministry in Ireland. We already know of some who are coming Monday night to learn more about the Children and Youth resources to consider using them among a Christian community consisting of more than 200 people. Several people in this community are already part of or leading ongoing CBSI studies, so using it with the children could certainly lead to wider use throughout the community.

Pray with us for the impact of these evenings, that they will bear much fruit in connecting us with people desiring to be in God’s Word and looking for resources to help them get started.

June 6 – Prayer Requests

Dear Friends,

We have been back in Ireland a week already.  It has been a very busy week.  We are preparing for the Ecumenical Bible Week happening in Dublin from June 8th- 15th.  It will officially kick off on Sunday at Trinity College in downtown Dublin with events scheduled every evening at different venues around the city.  You can go to the web site  and see what is happening.  As a part of our participation, Sam helped develop the web site.

CBSI will do presentations on Monday and Friday evenings at different churches in the Dublin area.  On Sat. the 7th June, two representatives of the UK Children’s Ministry will arrive to help with that part of the program.  We are excited to have them here.  One of the groups they shared with in April plans to send more leaders to the presentation on Monday evening and may want to meet with her again during the week. They are very interested in the children’s materials.

Tonight, 6 June, we will have a table at the Michael Card concert, in downtown Dublin, to display information and materials concerning CBSI.  Pray for lots of interest from those attending and some who will be willing to try starting a group in the future.

Lastly, we have a personal prayer request.  Our grandson, Chase, who is 2 and 1/2 yrs. old has been diagnosed with Celiac disease.  He had a biopsy done on Monday to determine the damage to his intestines.  Yesterday, he developed a high fever and had to be taken to the emergency room last night.  They treated him for dehydration and ran test and ex rays.  There is a stomach infection, not sure where or why.  He will go back to the doctor this morning.  Please pray for wisdom for the
doctors and for his complete healing.  He has been sickly since he was born.    Only God has the answers to why he is so ill, we ask Him to reveal it to those who can help or to heal him completely of all that is causing him to continue to suffer.  As you can imagine it is hard to be so far away from those we love when they are not well.

Thanks for all you do and for the prayers we know that are even now going up for these.

May God Bless you in all you do.

Our love,
Patti and Sam

June 6 – Michael Card Concert

We had a wonderful evening at the Michael Card concert and met many new people visiting our information table where we got to use our brand new CBSI-Ireland banner for the first time.

Our information table and banner sharing space with concert sponsor Spirit Radio.

Our information table and banner sharing space with concert sponsor Spirit Radio.

In addition to advertising our Bible study resources, we had brochures and a Dublin-area Bible and Prayer group directory in support of the interdenominational Bible week beginning on Sunday. We were surprised at the end of the program when the representative of the Nazareth Community (one of the other sponsors) closed with an announcement encouraging everyone to follow Michael Card’s example of being in and talking about scripture to stop by our table and find out how to get connected over the next week. So we had quite a few people come by to chat or pick up brochures.